About Me

Bee Skelton studied fine art at the Cyprus College of Art, and the Open College of the Arts UK. Since 2003 her work has been commissioned by international clients from countries including USA, Canada, Singapore, France, Holland, Denmark, Cyprus, South Africa and UK.

I'm a British artist, who most days can be found roaming the countryside with a plein air easel strapped to my backpack full of art gear. Other times I work in my studio between two farms in rural Warwickshire, England. It's so quiet, you can hear the sound of oil paint brushing onto canvas, and soft snores from my canine studio assistants.

Occasionally an email alert pings. It's how clients contact me; my signal to put the kettle on, reply to new commission enquiries, and send work-in-progress images of paintings currently on my easel. I work to commission, because I love the interaction and collaboration with clients!

The affection you, my clients, have for the subjects you commission me to paint is inspiring. Whether it's your child, partner, parent, family pet or favourite place, the love is infectious, and gets right in with the paint some how!

Portraits of people, pets and landscape paintings, keep me busy; constantly excited and challenged. When I get the opportunity, I like to work expressively from my imagination, or by direct observation of natural landscapes, street-life and people. I am a perpetual art student, who'll never stop learning.

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