A diary of artwork in progress en plein air and in studio.

At home with Van Gogh

The Orange House
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Sketchbook pencil drawing
I love the location of our home. It's situated on farmland in rural Warwickshire, England. So it was only a matter of time before it became the subject of a painting.

The Orange House
The Orange House
My paintings can begin in several different ways. With this one, I could easily have set up my plein air easel along the lane, as Vincent would have done for sure. Alternatively because I know the place so well, I could have used memory and imagination. However over time I've made several sketchbook drawings, so on this occasion I referred back to them as a starting point.

At a local art group recently, I attended a lecture by Anthony Slinn, about Vincent van Gogh, which made quite an impression. It was particularly interesting because Prof. Slinn has carefully researched, and physically visited locations of many of Vincents paintings. From assessing the viewpoints, he discovered how Vincent re-imagined and manipulated the landscape to express his feelings. Though key features are recognizable in the paintings, when compared with the locations today, it can be seen how Vincents mind and eye re-interpreted them in his unique manner.

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