A diary of artwork in progress en plein air and in studio.

After the Harvest

Sketchbook study and painting on the farm
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Walking the dogs every day I see so many scenes I'd love to paint. This shady gap through a hedge offered a good view of a wheat field after harvest. Farm life moves on rapidly. Straw bales are being shifted into barns already. I needed to to be quick before they all disappeared. A sketchbook drawing using graphite stick and watercolour did the job.

After Harvest Warwickshire
Back in the studio I set about developing the feeling of the scene in oils on a small gessoed panel, with composition tweaked more to my liking. Having worked the sketch from life and direct observation, some how the brain retains additional visual information. Feels like being back in the moment. It's a good alternative when time or full plein air painting kit isn't available.

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