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Painting plein air with storm clouds

Trying to beat the rain ......
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Storm Clouds Over Wheat Field
One look at those clouds put some urgency into the brushwork on this plein air landscape painting. With every possibility of a drenching I didn't go far. Taking only a few tubes of oil paint (ultramarine, burnt sienna, lemon yellow, crimson, phthalo green, and titanium white) with minimum other art gear, I was prepared to pack up quickly if rain arrived.

In every direction I looked; along the lane or across the fields to the woods and hills, there was a scene ready-made for painting. The English countryside of Warwickshire, really is picture perfect! I plumped for this view looking across the sheep meadow, because I liked the contrasting bands of green and gold (not clear to see in the photo). Despite the threatening sky, sunshine did strike through occasionally lighting up the wheat field, with a barn roof making a handy focal point.

In the end rain didn't stop play, the sky cleared, the painting was completed. You can see the finished painting in my websites Paintings for Sale gallery. Storm Clouds Over Wheat Field 5x7in plein air oil painting on panel, unframed.

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