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Sunny Garden Plein Air Painting

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Sunny garden plein air painting in progress.
The weather was very kind to me when I set up my easel to paint this sunny flower border in the garden. The sunshine was quite powerful, so I was glad to find a little shade for myself.

Generally I prefer oil paint, but on this occasion I set up a strong plastic chocolate box to use as a practical acrylics palette. The lid can be taped closed when on the move. (Ferrero Rocher boxes make great acrylic paint palettes, with a wad of dampened kitchen towel, and sheet of tracing paper, or baking parchment).

The composition originally included one of our cats curled up in a flower pot. Inevitably Flossie decided under the pine tree was a far superior spot, so off she trotted. As it turned out, I think the painting is better with this less complicated view.

You can see the finished artwork in the Paintings for Sale Gallery. Please contact me if you'd like information and price.

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